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             Let me present you : Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson). He is an ex-secret agent. He finds a job as a bodyguard. He’s divorced and have a 17 years old daughter Kim (Maggie Grace). During her holidays, Kim asks permission to her father to go on a trip to France with her friend Amanda. Skeptical about that idea of her daughter flying away from him, in a foreign country, he lets her go anyway. Arrived in France, at the airport, Kim and Amanda is approached by a friendly guy and proposed them to share the cab fee. In the house, Kim was on the phone with her father when, from the windows of the bathroom, she sees men enter in the house, attack and kidnap Amanda. Still on the phone, Bryan gives her instructions but aggressors finally find Kim and kidnap her. Later on, Bryan discover that his daughter was kidnapped by the Albanian mafia in human trafficking. He has 96 hours otherwise he would never find his daughter anymore …”



              “TAKEN” (2008) is an action movie as I like: a hero, solid as a rock, reaching for his goal and killing some bad guys on his way.  If you are a fan of the series “The Bourne Identity” (Matt Damon) then you shouldn’t miss this one. The director, Pierre Morel (Banlieu 13), and the writer, Luc Besson are French. It was  predictable because most the scene were in France. But, it seems like French people can make good action movies as well as comedy. The action scenes were really realistic : car races, gun shots, and my favorite : the hand to hand fights. More surprising is Liam Neeson (The Haunting, Schindler’s list), I never saw him playing that tough and unshakeable guy before. He is incredible. One of my favorite quote is : “I’m retired, I’m not dead”. His character’s motivation is so honorable that we hope that he would kill more.



 The movie touched also a warm matter : human trafficking : it’s kidnapping girls and forced them to be sex-slave and prostitute. Actually, it’s the third illegal trade which paid most after drugs and weapons ($10billion per year). As one of the trafficker says in the movie: “It’s not personal, it’s just trade”, those people don’t have any scruple to use other people as an object, a stock to sell. They are well organized (corruption,  money laundry, mafia) it takes years to crack their system down. And even if one of those traffic is dismantled, ten groups, worst than those before is raised. HUMAN TRAFFICKING AWARENESS TRAININGOver 2 million people are trafficked per year. Their victims are young girls and children. Internet is one of their means to attract them. And there are some who kidnap children too.  The 96 hours mentioned in the movie is also true : once you’re out of the country you were kidnapped, it’s almost impossible to find you. Their network extend all over the world : Europe, US, Mexico, Asia, Africa, everywhere. Unfortunately, if you travel alone, your missing may be not declare only after the 96 hours.



 In  Madagascar, the trafficking most deal with children. There were several times when in the news papers, we can read an article about a child kidnapped. Report from an US investigation says that family members, taxi drivers, friends, tourist guides can sometimes an accessory to the trafficking, due to our poverty.  Knowing those injustice, I am so for the death penalty. My advice is to be careful : do not trust easily people you just met.  



Other movies about human Trafficking : images1

 Human Trafficking (2005)

directed by Christian Duguay,

with Mira Sorvino, Robert Carlyle



14 comments on “Be aware

  1. His character’s motivation is so honorable that we hope that he would kill more.

    wow I didn’t expect that one from you Dago ahh :p

    Yeah, my dad just told me about this movie yesterday, he was like “you really have to watch this one!!!”.

    You’re good at movie reviews 😀

    This movie is like the one that features Val Kilmer trying to rescue the prez’s daughter, arghh i forgot the title don’t know if you’ve ever watched.

  2. • 12-year old Laxmi* was lured by her classmates to travel to Kolkata (capital of West Bengal, a state in India) for a picnic and later sold in the train.

    • 10-year old Sneha* accompanied her 16 year-old sister Surya* to the dream city Mumbai in search of a job. Surya works as a domestic help while Sneha is hired for zari / embroidery work.

    • Ramesh*, a 15-year old rag-picker is missing. His neighbours say they saw him being chatting with a drug-addict.
    * names changed to protect identity

    Young children go missing from the small towns and villages in India. Some run-away on being lured by the dreams of the big city, while others are carried away to be sold for meager gains…

    The birth of a child (read male) in India meant celebration. Sweets are distributed and the atmosphere is one of merriment.Neighbours and relatives greet the parents and the new born baby is showered with blessings and gifts. Children are considered as God’s gift to the family. While this is true and relevant in many parts of India and the world at large, a stark reality hits us when we read the newspapers and are informed about the alarming rate at which children go missing from their homes and the increasing number of child labourers found in every sector of employment.

    A child is one of the worst marginalized sections in the societal spectrum. Children are found in most realms of institutions, and more so in places they are not supposed to be. Child soldiers, child sex workers, child labourers, bonded labourers, child brides, rag pickers, beggars, manual scavengers, domestic workers, camel jockeys in dangerous races etc.

    The above is an extract from Aileen S. Marques essay “Innocence Interred!!!”. This essay was ranked among the top three essays in Human Rights Defence’s Essay competition 2008. If you would like to read more, visit:

    Yours sincerely,

    Dr Tomas Eric Nordlander

  3. Girl; we don’t need to watch the movie anymore. By reading your summary I can already picture how the movie is.
    Keep up the good work!!!

  4. I agree with the comments above, great movie review! I never heard of the movie Taken, thanks for pointing it out.

    Human Trafficking is quite good – difficult to watch, but it does give a good insight into the trafficking world. (Minus some scenes which have too much of a Hollywood feel to them.)

  5. Excellent movie ! I also liked the hand to hand fight scenes. It’s awesome. I think the hero uses some Krav Maga techniques, a very effective israeli martial art and Liam Neeson makes it believeable.

  6. Thanks for the review, I will watch the movie asap…
    I am sure you were not serious about “death penalty”. It s a fact, death penalty does not reduce those “injustice” whereas it can bring more injustice… But this is another debate, may be treated by some good movies you know

  7. Any news regarding this movie about debate or is it something like “women are more reasonable than men” ?

  8. lol lol Hey Djibril!!
    I should totally write about that topic! lol lol
    a debat movie review soon!

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