Deepest fear

Paranormal activity poster

Paranormal Activity

September 2006, Katie and Micah just moved in their new sweet home in San Diego, California. But some noises and weird incidents occurred in their new house. To have some evidence of what exactly happen, the couple decided to film everything at anytime. They discovered that something was hanging around in their home : doors slammed, furniture moved, light switched on… They decided to call for some help and it appeared that a non-physical presence has followed Katie since her childhood …

Paranormal Activity (2007) is presented as a documentary rather than a movie : no cast, no team, no music background, just people filming their every days life, and it makes it more too much believable. The whole movie is filmed with a camera handle like in “The Blair witch project” and “Cloverfield” but the camera stability is much more better, which makes you more enjoy it.

While watching it, there are already some frighten moment without showing any blood or monster. In life, there are always something that happen you can’t explain. When it is something good, you thank God or your lucky star to give you such thing. When it is something bad, you try to understand what it is and why it happen to you. When you don’t know the answer, you’re panicking and praying to the Lord to stop this nightmare. How can you defend yourself when you don’t even know what attacks you? In the movie, they exploited this part. They don’t give any explanation of what happen, you just face with the characters all the incidents and get their fear.

Katie ans Micah

As far as I’m concern, I labeled a movie as “scary” from my feelings not while watching the movie, but the “after the movie”. It is always the hardest time when you are alone in the dark. Even in your own bed, you don’t feel secured. Some flashback of the movie get back your mind, every little noise make your heart beat faster. And you have this fear running down your spine. Even though it was fiction, you can’t help yourself thinking it can happen to you right here, right now.

I have to agree with all critics about this movie. It is definitively, absolutely scary!


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