In the trailer, “BICENTINNIAL MAN” 1999, was present as the next Robin Williams’ comedy … that is so wrong, cause a 13-15 child cannot understand the complexity of this movie. It is so much more than just another “Ha ha” comedy. There are a lot of subtle message in each part of the movie.


The Martin family receives delivery of a NDR-114, a servant android (Robin Williams). The Android, named Andrew, begins to display some personal interest as curiosity, compassion, … feelings that a robot shouldn’t have. Mr Richard Martin (Sam Neil), the owner, noticed his difference and decide to teach him, time was endless for Andrew, he can be whatever he wants to be. Time pass by and Andrew is growing up. Despite his intelligence and knowledge, the way he perceives things changes. He discovers life, friendship, death, freedom, and love. He becomes as complex as a human can be…


“Bicentennial Man” is based on Isaac Asimov’s book.. The story take place in a near future and it last like 200 years … compress in 1H 30.  The directed, Chris Columbus (he did Rent!!!) and his crew made an excellent job : the vision effect and the make up are astounding. It’s unbelievable how realistic they made the age advancing make-up. Robin Williams (Jack, Flubber), is one of those actor having the ability to make people laugh and cry at the same time. And a special bravo to James Horner (Titanic, Braverheart) music composer for the soundtrack, it is just amazing. Personally, I prefer the classic version, but Celine Dion’s performance for “Then you look at me” is not that bad.


This movie can’t be assimilate as a “Pinocchio” fairy tale. It arises a delicate subject as the definition of humanity itself. Isaac Asimov, the writer, has a complete different vision of our future.FYI, the movies A.I. and I Robot were based on his novel as well. He open up our eyes to something new, a new vision : the point of view of humanity from a robot. It shows how complex and beautiful we are, that even a robot which time is endless and knowledge is unlimited, envy us. Our capacity to feel and to love is the best gift given to us, that makes us so special, no more, no less. So be proud whoever you are, cause you are unique.


“As a robot, I can live forever but I prefer to die in dignity as a human being”