For the qction


Dago MC

Hi there !!


Self introduction is always a delicate step. Finding few words that describes you the most for people who never met you, it’s not easy. And plus, I’m not into word : just to tell you that I prefer Math than any literature course at school. So, don’t be surprised if you find some childish writing! Besides, the truth came from children’s mouth.  


Like Bridget Jones said (yes, in the movie with Renée Zellweger, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth) : “introduce people with thoughtful details” like : “This is Mark Darcy, Mark’s a prematurely middle-ages prick… with a cruel-racedex-wife. And Perpetua’s a fat-ass old bag … who spends her time bossing me around. …. Maybe not!”


So, dear readers, my name is Diana, a.k.a. Dago Mc. I’m Malagasy and I’m a movie addicted. … I think it’s enough thoughtful!!


Explanation of movie addicted : when you watch at least five movies a day. (from the president of “Iris”, a famous movie association here in Antananarivo, actually they are short movies producers)

In my case, before my boring work, I used to watch movies a lot, maybe not the five score but let’s just say, three. But once, one sleepless night, I watched the same movie four time in one night… Yes, I am a movie addicted.


So, it’s just to tell you that most of my blog  will relay on movies, not critics, just some comments or messages that I’d like to share. So enjoy it!