How beautiful we are!

That night, a violent storm attacks a town in Maine. The next morning, a thick mist is approaching from off the nearby lake. David Drayton (Thomas Jane), his eight-year-old son and his neighbor Brent Norton drive to town to pick up food and supplies. On their way to the market, they see the army and the police, heading toward the mist. As they are shopping, an old man runs in the market with a bloody nose and screams “Something in the mist!”. Everyone looks outside, the mist is moving to the supermarket. After a while, nothing can be seen but white smoke : the mist has completely covered the supermarket and may be the whole city . People doing their shopping, sellers, everybody get trapped in the supermarket. Suddenly, unworldly horrific creatures appear and people start panicking …

The story is based on Stephen King’s novel, considered one of his scariest book. Personally, didn’t read it yet (anyway, I’m not into books!!) but the movie is incredible. That’s surely because of its originality next the others horror like “Hostel” or “Saw”, bloody scenes with psychological struggle. Besides, Frank Darabont (The Green Mile ),the director, agreed to make the movie only under the condition that no matter what, they wouldn’t change the scripted. And it works fine. I was absolutely gripped during the entire film. I recommend it to all of horror fan.
The movie played with people’s mind : it describes how easily people can be manipulated, fooled when they are scared. Trapped in a place, not knowing what’s going outside. The 911 doesn’t answer. And then, monsters attack you, you don’t understand what happen, you don’t even know how to protect yourself. In that case, we are ready to follow whoever says “I got the solution”, although this solution is insane, … Your brain doesn’t work normally anymore, there’s no right and wrong, there’s no rational or irrational, you just think of what can make you get out of there, whatever the consequences are, whoever gets hurt. “I wanna get out of here, I wanna feel in peace, I wanna feel secured!” that is your aim. And whoever dare to stop you, or disagree with you, you will come to kill them if it needs to.
Human being are so proud to say “We’re different from animals, we’re more clever and conscientious”. But put them in a damn situation where they are facing danger and fear, or just make them believe that all the things they have will disappear. And then the animal in them will rise above! Sometimes, it’s worst and they invent politics and religions to justify their actions . How beautiful we are!