Killer inside of me

MR BROOK (2007)

Earl Brooks (Kevin Costner) is a successful businessman, a passionate husband and a caring father. But he has a terrible secret : he is addicted in killing people.

Known as the “Fingerprint killer”, he had been straight for two years. But Marshall (William Hurt), the psychopathic side of Brooks get over him. Mr Brooks killed again.

He is trying hard to get rid of this “addiction” by attending AA (Anonymous Alcoholics) meetings, Marshall isn’t far to remember him why he fights so hard against something he loves so much.

During his last murder, for once, he made a mistake, curtains were wide open and he was seen killing and photographed by someone. This witness, instead of going to the police, contact and blackmail Earl to take him to his next murder…

In a parallel story, there is Detective Tracy Atwood (Demi Moore) who is investigating Brooks’ murder. And she has a messy divorce and a criminal after her …

As far as I’m concern, this is one of the best thriller ever : the script is well written with clever dialog. And the director, Bruce Evans, as well one of the writer knew how to put it on screen : some scene are so brutal, and some make you laugh. For me, a movie is rated “good” when the evil part is a real wicked one. But here, the bad guy is also the hero and even thought Brooks is a vicious serial killer, the writers make him so interesting, so smart that obviously, I root for him and I want him to succeed . So complex, isn’t it?

Earl And Marchal : "Why are you fighting so hard?"

In addition to that, the acting is very well done. Kevin Costner (Time Cop, Dance with wolves) delivers one of the most intelligent and emotionless character on film since Hannibal Lecter. William Hurt (Syriana, The Village)  Oscar winner, the maniacal alter ego is always ironical and sarcastic and can show compassion at the same time. And Demi Moore (Ghost, G.I. Jane) portrayed a cop with strong personality who wants to kick some ass.

If you’re looking for an intriguing and smart thriller, you’ll be delighted with this one.

Rumours says this was the first of a trilogy. I cross my fingers it will be !